The Curious Incident of the man in Orange T-Shirt

In my 25 years of life, as I could recollect, there was never a time I planned on what to wear no matter where I go. There had been numerous occasions starting from my childhood where I had been mocked at or made fun of or even given a sarcastic compliment for the shirts I had been wearing for a long long time. Should I pat myself at the back for my extraordinary level of maintenance to have a shirt without any damage for so many years or should I look myself at the mirror and ask "Dude, are you growing or not?"

Okay. This blog is not about whether I've put on some weight or not. Its about this curious incident which leaves me thinking still. And for the first time, in all these years I make my decision about my attire. I've decided to spend a couple of minutes in front of the mirror, ask myself if this is a good dress to wear and then move out. Thanks to woman who opened my mind.

My wife and I were getting ready this morning to join our friends for lunch. Every time I open my wardrobe to pick my t-shirt for the day, the first one that hits my eye is this plain orange t-shirt. "Here goes the orange t-shirt again". That was my wife's first comment. Now guys! Wait a minute. Shes not the woman who opened my mind. Keep reading :)

And so we went for lunch and came back home. And then I had to attend my apartment's association meeting and then me and my wife had to go to the MORE. supermarket and make our routine grocery shopping.

Sorry for interrupting here but I got reminded of this fact about MORE. which my friend had shared with me. It means the Most Outstanding Retail Experience ends here ( symbolized by the full-stop ) For those who didn't know.

Back again ! As we were wandering around the floor and as always , I lost my wife in the crowd and was looking for her. That was when the curious incident happened. This is for all those guys with plain orange t-shirts, or plain green t-shirts ,etc. ( the list goes on) . I heard this unfamiliar voice from behind.

"Excuse me ! "

I turned around to see this lady with a big trolley filled with groceries. Do I know this woman? Nope. Certainly not. But still thought I should be a gentleman. So I gave a plain smile and said ,

"Yes ? "

"Where do I find the Tropicanas? "

That was the moment I got colour blind. That was the moment when I could see those guys wearing orange t-shirts all over the place. I was one of them . The only thing missing in my t-shirt was just the bloody MORE. logo.

"Eh.....Uh... You don't work here do you?"

" Nope I don't" . Is all I could say before I rushed to the payment counter, paid the bill, ran to the end of the store and called my wife to come join me.

MORAL : Never wear a plain orange t-shirt to MORE. or a plain green t-shirt to Nilgiris. Do the rest of the colour--> supermarket mapping to yourselves.

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