Hey There...

Honestly, I am not very sure about how long this is gonna last. As of now, I see my keyboard wanting me to give it a typing test. So here I am, with my first attempt at blogging. Don't ask me why I named my blog psycho junkyard. My very first demotivation towards blogging started with blogger itself. Man!! I gotta say there are a gazillion bloggers online and everyone has taken up the names I wanted. I even got wierd to try the name "publicstaticvoidmain" , "abcdef" and guess what? ITS ALL TAKEN. Somethings really wrong with the world here. After 18 unavailable addresses, the first green light fell upon psycho-junkyard . For good or bad I am destined to have this blogger address. Am not sure whether it even fits to my long list of upcoming infinite, mindblowing (ahem!) blogs.I cannot clearly say what kind of blogs you could be expecting here. All I can say is what the Joker said to Harvey Dent . " I am just a mad dog chasing cars". Let me decide what to do when a catch one.

Thanks for your time . See you in the next blog. Not sure when its gonna happen. I assure you its definitely before the world ends. ;)
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